"Hoshifull Forest" a retreat glamping at the foot of Mt. Fuji

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Enjoy the great natures of time at the

Located at the foot of Mt. Fuji.
In Fujikawaguchiko Town in Yamanashi Prefecture, which has one of the Fuji Five Lakes, Lake Kawaguchiko.
Altitude of 900m.
With fresh air, brimming sunshine filtered through the trees,
opens a glamping facility in the untouched areas of the forest in Mt. Fuji.
Only 5 mins away from Fujiyoshida IC.
A great location just an hour and a half from the metropolitan area,
the rich nature spreads out into a scenery like those seen in picture books.
Only 7 facilities.
Enjoy a private glamping experience in a forest filled with the soothing scent of wood,
chirping of the wild birds and the sky filed with stars.
Comfortable stay for all.
Whether it be glamping for the first time with children,
a "girl's trip" with your friends,
glamping at the Hoshifull Forest is highly recommended for a great retreat.

7 Reasons to Go


"Hoshifull Forest" is surrounded by nature in a untouched forest
at the foot of Mt. Fuji in a great location only 95 mins away from the metropolitan area.

Fujikawaguchiko-shi is famous for the sakasa (upside-down) Mt. Fuji reflected on the beautiful Lake Kawaguchi-ko.
Despite being only an hour and a half away from the metropolitan area, the location is surrounded by greenery and mountains like the famous Aokigahara Jukai (forest).A new glamping facility will be born in this untouched forest at the base of Mt. Fuji.
Surrounded by coniferous trees like hemlock and cypress, the soft sunshine filtered through the trees and the soothing woody scent makes this a special forest.
At an altitude of 900m, enjoy a glamping experience in the starry forest where you can enjoy fresh air and a sky full of stars.


Outdoor Experience with the feel of a Villa
HOSHIFULL DOME is comprised of 7 dome like tents

HOSHIFULL DOME is comprised of 7 dome like tents and located in a rich forest at the foot of Mt. Fuji. Exclusive to 7 facilities, you can spend a relaxing moment away from everyday life by feeling mother nature with your five senses. Listen to the chirping of wild birds, bask in the sunlight glimmering through the tree leaves, for a special outdoor experience with the benefits of a villa. Additionally, the facility is spacious with 6m in diameter and equipped with air-conditioning for a perfect stay all year round. A private facility all to yourself, to relax your mind, body and soul.


3 BBQ plans to cater to your needs,
for a perfect glamping experience in the woods

The woody scent of trees and the star filled sky will provide a sense of healing along with the delicious BBQ. Please select your favorite BBQ plan from the following:
・Quality over Quantity, for those who want to savor the best domestic beef: "Premium Beef Glamping BBQ"
・For the meat-lovers, who want to focus on meat: "Meat-lovers Wild Glamping BBQ"
・Beef, pork, chicken. For those who want to enjoy a balanced variety; "Variety BBQ"
Lodging-only plan is also available to make a Bring-Your-Own-Ingredients BBQ possible.

星 キャンプ

Starry Night, a sky full of stars
Star gazing and bonfires are the epitome of camping

Star gazing and bonfires are the epitome of camping and HOSHIFULL DOME is no exception. With the name HOSHIFULL (star raining), you can expect a beautiful star filled sky, made possible by the high altitude of 900m where the air is clean.
The stars can be enjoyed with the naked eye but you can rent our telescope to provide a unforgettable experience with you children. The camp-fire area is also available for star-gazing, as well as bon-fires next to your tent for an additional fee.


Enjoyable outdoor experience for women and children as well
Separated eating area・shower room・bathroom

Separated eating area・shower room・bathroom is provided for a safe stay even for outdoor beginners. The Administrative Building, that includes BBQ facilities, shower room and bathroom exclusive to guests, are located very close to your tent. BBQ can be enjoyed regardless of weather because the facility has a roof.
The facility is exclusive to 7 buildings but the number of shower rooms provided are abundant for usage without hesitation. Additionally, we have incorporated comments from women about "bathroom noise" and made sure to make the bathroom outside of the Administrative Building. The bathroom also has a powder room for smaller children with diapers.


Amenities are not just for children,
but adults as well

A full line-up of hotel quality amenities are available, for those not so good with outdoor activities can have a peace of mind. In addition to basic items like towels and toothbrushes, we provide everything needed for your stay.


The Hoshifull Forest experience is now even more fulfilling

Various rental items and services are available at HOSHIFULL DOME FUJI like, camping equipment and convenient kits. Some items are limited in numbers so please ask the front desk for usage.


In order to enjoy a relaxing stay that satisfies all five senses, the area only consists of 7 facilities.
The dome-tent boasts a spacious diameter of 6m, fully equipped with air-conditioning, making a comfortable stay possible regardless of season.
Relax your mind and body while enjoying the greenery in the dome tent which can be privately reserved just for you.


    4 Guests
    Bed Count
    4 Single Beds

    2~4 Guests
    Bed Count
    4 Single Beds

    2~4 Guests
    Bed Count
    4 Single Beds

    2~4 Guests
    Bed Count
    4 Single Beds

    2~4 Guests
    Bed Count
    4 Single Beds

    2 Guests
    Bed Count
    2 Air Mattress

Fully Equipped

    • Private shower room, bathroom

    • Located in the Administrative Building for non-restricted usage exclusive to guests that stay.

    • Private BBQ Space

    • Dedicated spot next to the tent for sunny days. In times of bad weather, BBQ can be enjoyed in the dedicated space within the Administration Building.

    • All rooms equipped with air-conditioning, humidifier and air-purifier

    • All rooms are equipped with humidifying air-purifier.

      Rooms in HOSHIFULL DOME have air-conditioning (Mitsubishi/Zuba-dan)

      Rooms in HOSHIFULL DOME are equipped with air-conditioning (Mitsubishi/Zuba-dan)

      *EZ DOME does not have air-conditioning

      Enjoy a comfortable stay all year round

      Air-conditioner: Mitsubishi Zuba-dan (MFZ-HK2817AS)

      *A model with high heating, even used in northern countries with heavy snow


    • BBQ Grill Set

    • 5,000 Yen(Tax Included)

    • Charcoal, grill wire rack、tongs, fire-resistant gloves, fire starter
      *In bad weather, please use the Gas Grill located in the Administrative Building
      *Food/Ingredients not included
    • Portable Gas Stove

    • 1,500 Yen(Tax Included)

    • Rental includes pot and ladle
    • (Food) Smoking Kit

    • 1,500 Yen(Tax Included)

    • Rental includes chips and additional groceries can be bought at the store
    • Children’s Amenities

    • Baby chair (high chair), Baby apron, baby spoon & knife, baby mugs, food cutter
    • Indoor Games

    • Othello, cards
    • Outdoor Games

    • Balls, soap bubbles etc.
    • Pool (limited to Summer)

    • 2,000 Yen(Tax Included)

    • *Does not include toys



Both courses are also available for men.。

Sight-seeing Spots



We will answer your questions about the facility. You can also find detailed information about the facilities and equipment on theroom pageof our site.


Check-in Location


Postal Code: 401-0301 5653 Funatsu, Fujikawaguchiko-cho, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi-ken
  • For those arriving by Car

    95 mins from Shinjuku (2 hrs. from Yokohama, Saitama)
    From Tokyo・Shinjuku: 5 mins from "Kawaguchiko IC" via Shuto Expressway Route No. 4 Shinjuku Line, Chuou Expressway

    From Shizuoka・Nagoya: About 5 mins from "Fujiyoshida IC" via Toumei/Shin-Toumei Expressway, Higashi-Fujigoko Road

  • For those arriving by Train

    JR Chuou Line Limited Express bound for Koufu is convenient for "Shinjuku Station" to "Otsuki Station".
    After changing to the Fujikyu Line at Otsuki Station, go to Kawaguchiko Station
    8 mins by taxi/car from Kawaguchiko Station

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