Frequently Asked Question

    Regarding Reservations

  • What time is check-in and check-out?
    Check-in is from 15:00
    *1 hour early check-in is available from 14:00 with prior reservation
      (1,100 Yen/Adult)

    Check-out is by 10:00 am.
    *1 hour late check-out is available until 11:00 with prior reservation
      (2,200 Yen/Adult)
  • Is same day check-out (day only usage) available?
    No, please book for overnight
  • What is the policy for cancellation fees?
    Cancellation fees are as following: (% is of total booking charge):
     14 days prior 30% 
     7 days prior 50%
     3 days prior 100%
     day before 100%
     same day 100%
     no notice/no show 100%
  • What is the policy for cancellation fees due to weather and/or typhoons?
    If you are unable to reach the facility due to typhoon and/or heavy snow, cancellation will be free of charge. However, the decision will be made by the facility
    (If customers cancel on their own accord without consultation, then the standard cancellation fees may still apply)
  • Is it possible to change the number of (reserved) guests and/or plans after booking?
    Yes it is possible
  • Credit cards that are acceptable?
  • Is there a pick-up transportation service?
    Unfortunately we do not provide transportation services
  • Is it possible to stay with my pet?
    Unfortunately not
  • Is it possible to stay even if its just one person?
  • Regarding Room and Accommodation

  • How many guests are allowed (capacity)?
    2~4 guests for all rooms (+2 for children in elementary school or under)
  • How many beds are available?
    4 single beds for all rooms
  • Where can I smoke?
    Smoking is prohibited in all rooms and on site,
    excluding the dedicated smoking area next to the BBQ facility
  • Regarding the Facilities

  • What amenities are available for the room?
    Disposable slippers・toothbrush・brush・razor・Q-Tip・cotton・make-up remover・toner・cream etc.
    Please check the Room Accommodation page for details.
  • What facilities and/or fixtures are available for the room?
    Air-conditioner・Air-purifier・Refrigerator (81 L)・Pipe Wardrobe・Trash can・Table・Chairs・4 Single Beds・Umbrella stand
    *Please note that air-conditioning and refrigerators are not available in the EZ DOME
    Please check the Room Accommodation page for details..
  • What kind of cooking utensils are available?
    By default kettle. For rental, food-smoking kit, portable gas stove, Weber BBQ Grill Set
  • Can I bring in cooking utensils such as BBQ grills and gas stoves?
    For safety reasons, flammable equipment and use of fire are prohibited.
  • Please tell me more about the BBQ equipment
    Gas stove is available for rental at the BBQ facility.
    Charcoal stove is also available for rental for 5,000 Yen (all items for starting and ending fire is included)
  • Are eating utensils/silverware available?
    Disposable utensils are available when using the rental set.
    4 stainless cups are available per room
  • What kind of seasoning is available?
    The seasonings below is exclusively for those who apply with a meal plan.
    Salt and pepper, sauce and other seasoning matching the food presented.
    For those not in a meal plan, please bring your own seasoning
  • Is it possible to BBQ or have a meal if it rains?
    Yes, The BBQ terrace at the Administrative Building has a roof so BBQ can be enjoyed regardless of weather.
  • Is Wi-Fi available?
    Wi-Fi is available in each tent.
  • Is there air-conditioning?
    Each room in the HOSHIFULL DOME is equipped with air-conditioning.
    *EZ DOME is not equipped with air-conditioning
  • Is there a TV?
  • Is there a plug to connect electronics?
    Yes, each tent has a plug
  • Is there shower and toilet?
    Yes, it is located in the Administrative Building. The shower room is separated between gender
  • Regarding Meals

  • How many days in advance can I order food?
    We accept reservations of up to 3 days in advance.
  • Is there a place where I can buy groceries at the Administration Building?
    Yes, the store in the Administration Building is open from 15:00~21:00
  • Is bringing in our own food and drinks allowed?
    Yes, you can bring your own food and drinks.
    Guests who have a meal plan may also bring additional ingredients free of charge
  • Is it possible to order only breakfast?
    Yes, it is possible.
    Please make a reservation for the room only plan and choose breakfast only
  • Others

  • Is there a place where I can shop nearby?
    Super Market: Selva Kawaguchi-ko BELL Store is a 5 min drive
    Convenience store: Family Mart Funatsu Tozando Store is a 2 min drive
  • Are fireworks allowed?
    Only handheld fireworks (sparklers) are allowed so please do not bring any other fireworks.
    Usage is only allowed in the designated area until 21:00.
    Please contact the front desk before usage
  • What time is the camp-fire?
    The bonfire is scheduled for around 30 minutes from 20:00 at the center of the facility.
    Personal bon-fires next to the tent is available for rental (with fee) and usage is only allowed until 21:00.
  • How much cost to rent a telescope?
    Up to 2 telescopes per room are free of charge.
    1,000 yen per telescope will be charged for more than 2 telescope.
    Please inquire at the front desk if you wish to use one.